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Pinnacle Ecological, Inc. (Pinnacle) is an environmental science consulting company supporting coastal and offshore marine development activities. 

Our services include environmental impact assessments, coral reef restoration, marine habitat characterization surveys and GIS mapping, quality control data management, environmental permitting and permit compliance, and coastal hydrodynamics. 

Pinnacle’s team of qualified scientists have conducted extensive research, assessment and monitoring studies associated with beach renourishment projects, design and deployment of artificial reef systems, dredging activities near sensitive marine resources and coastal development mitigation.

Certifications in Palm Beach & Broward County

Pinnacle’s fundamental goal is to provide our clients with the level of service that will result in ultimate client satisfaction through project excellence. Our team has worked diligently to develop a mutual level of respect in the environmental community through outstanding scientific performance and adherence to strict quality assurance and quality control requirements.

Paul Fitzgerald, Founder and President

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